Marriage Enrichment Services

Whether you are looking to improve your skills or are truly desperate for help, our PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) trained professionals offer a truly transformational weekend  

Key Enrichment Areas

Improved Partner Communication

Establish Emotional Intimacy

Conflict Management

Meet Our Facilitator

Dr. Benita Livingston

Hi I’m Benita!

I’m a Chaplain but you might also call me a spiritual care provider, relationship facilitator, and a holistic healing touch practitioner that loves helping others strengthen their relationships and personal well-being.  

I help people who seek support when life gets unmanageable, and they don’t know where to turn.  I support, train, and  motivate people through life’s challenging situations so that they can live joyful lives again. 

I know from my own life’s journey that joy, restoration, and new beginnings are possible.

I believe in a holistic approach that integrates all aspect of one’s life, and that changed people change the world.   If you would like someone who will walk with you then call me today. 

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