Fight Off Colds & Flu With Thieves Essential Oil

As we approach the cold and flu season NOW is the time to stock up on my favorite oil of all times: Thieves

Working in a hospital exposes you to all types of germs and bacteria.  I use Thieves daily to keep myself healthy as I go about hospital visits.

Where Did Thieves Come From?

There are many variations of this story of about a group of spice traders who turned into thieves after an outbreak of the highly contagious and deadly Black Plague or Black Death.  It was reported that the “four thieves” were protected from the germs as they robbed the bodies, even going into the homes, of dead and dying plague victims.

During the course of their grave robbing, four of the thieves were caught by the king’s men. Standing before the king, the four thieves disclosed the secret of their immunity in exchange for a more lenient sentence. After learning the four thieves’ secret formula, the king had the thieves oil recipe posted throughout the city.

What is in Thieves Essential Oil?

There are five different essential oils in Thieves.

Clove Essential Oil.  Promotes a healthy immune response, and may support overall wellness.

Lemon Essential Oil. Lemon consists of 68 percent d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant.  It has cleansing and purifying properties.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil.  This essential oil promotes a healthy immune response, and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle regimen.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  May support a healthy respiratory system; and to soothe muscle discomfort after exercise.

Rosemary Essential Oil.  Was one of the most broadly used plants throughout the ages. Supports a healthy lifestyle regimen and overall well-being.

Each of these oils is known to possess medicinal properties making this the perfect combination.

Benefits of Diffusing Thieves Oil

Diffusing with an essential oil diffuser is a great way to get this health supporting blend into the respiratory system.

Inhaling diffused Thieves can support the lungs, aid the immune system, and give support to sinuses.

A study by Weber State University found that diffused Thieves essential oil blend has a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria after only 10 minutes of exposure.

It was concluded that diffusion of Thieves, can significantly reduce the number of aerosol-borne bacteria and may have application in treating air for enclosed environments and preventing transmission of aerosol-borne bacterial pathogens. The material appearing on the website is

If I want to give my immune system additional support I take 2-3 drops internally with water.

25 Uses For Thieves Essential Oil Blend

1.Apply to cuts or open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.
2. Mix with a tablespoon of water, gargle & swallow to stop a sore throat.
3. Apply undiluted directly to the skin of your upper chest and throat for bronchitis.
4. Put a drop on your thumb and apply to the roof of your mouth for a headache.
5. Put 10-12 drops in a capsule undiluted and swallow daily for longevity.
6. For acne, take internally and apply to skin diluted with oil.
7. Put directly on the soles of your feet to protect you from colds and flu.
8. Diffuse in home/office to keep the germ count down.
9. Breathe in vapors when you have lung congestion.
10. Use to clean pet cages, creating a healthier environment for them.
11. Add to your dishwasher for cleaner dishes.
12. Add to your laundry cycle for cleaner clothes.
13. Add to your mop water for cleaner floors.
14. Mix with water to make a spray to repel insects on your plants.
15. Use to dissolve the gummy adhesive on price labels.
16. Apply to bee and wasp stings to neutralize the toxins and relieve pain.
17. Apply to gums to prevent and treat gum disease.
18. Apply orally to maintain healthy teeth and reduce cavities.
19. Apply to gums and teeth for pain relief from toothaches.
20. Diffuse in homes or businesses to solve mold problems.
21. Add to orange juice and drink to reduce phlegm and congestion.
22. Put a drop in your cup of tea for flavor and to maintain health.
23. Put on cold sores to make them disappear.
24. Rub on sore joints to relieve arthritis pain.
25. Drink a few drops in water or juice every three hours to stop a cold.

So, before you or someone in your family gets sick order your bottle of Thieves Essential Oil today www.myyl/blivingston or


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