B’s Relationship Tips: How to Make Your Relationship Amazing

Who Doesn’t Want An Amazing Relationship?

Relationships can be amazing and satisfying, but making a relationship work takes more than date nights or shared interests. Relationships take time, compromise, connection, and commitment.  Finding someone is hard enough, staying with them is even harder.  Having romantic ideals about how relationships should work doesn’t help when “life happens.”

We’ve all heard that opposites attract; those opposites are usually introverts and extroverts.  Introverts and Extroverts experience the world in different ways, and neither way of experiencing is better than the other…they are just different.

Introverts are internal processors. After and event, party, church or other social engagements they need time to decompress and process all that they have taken in and replenish their energy.

Extroverts are the opposite; they rely on external stimuli to feel engaged. They thrive in a group, and are people who can work a room.

When Things Are Working

Introverts love the energy and the communication style of the extrovert. They have someone they can engage with, and gets them out of the house to spend quality time together. The extrovert likes that the introvert has the ability to slow things down and cause them to reflect.  They enrich each other’s lives.

When Things Are Not Working

When things are not working this causes stress in the relationship, and both deal with stress differently.

Introverts tend to avoid conflict, but when they have too they prefer to reflect first before they speak, choosing their words carefully.  If they are forced to argue before they are ready they can end up exploding or imploding.  If they have an opportunity to process things first, they can talk about where they stand in an authentic way.

Extroverts process things openly, and prefer to talk through a situation right away… to work it out now so it does not grow into a larger problem.

Do you want to better understand yourself and your mate’s personality/relationship style? Do you want to transform your relationship where you have deeper intimacy-heart, mind, and body?

How Living Works Official Can Help

Helping couples create, nature, and connect to sustain a healthy relationship is what Living Works is all about. A key component in a relationship is safety.  When there is a lack of safety problems can surface.  A lack of safety happens after trust has been broken… when one partner has wounded the other and abuse of any type just to name a few. When you feel safe in your relationship you can be free to be your authentic self.

Benefits Of Living Works Official Marriage Enrichment Retreat And Session

*Couples learn skills that will deepen their connection and trust.

*Enhance communication so you can feel fully seen and understood by your partner

*Listening with empathy to create an environment of openness and honesty

*Learn how to release negative emotions without hurting your partner

*Uncover hidden assumptions and expectations

*Learn how to deal with conflict constructively

*Recognize the impact of past experiences

*How to have a fair fight for change

Living Works Official offers marriage enrichment services to individual couples, married couples ministries, and marriage retreat facilitation.  Living Works Official is a certified PAIRS (Practical Applications for Intimate Relations Skills) Instructor trained to help couples experiencing ongoing communication problems, who want to rekindle their relationship, enhance closeness, learn to appreciate your differences, make quality time count, set healthy boundaries, and learn how to create a space that will nurture both parties.

Your relationship does not have to be in trouble to benefit from Living Works Official, dating couples and newly-weds can learn skills to enhance your relationship.


To learn more about our marriage enrichment program CLICK HERE!


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  1. What a great resource for couples to have!! Such awesome insight!!

    Meaghan xx

    1. Author

      Thank you Meaghan I appreciate your comments and please pass this information on to couples you know.

  2. My bf and I are definitely an example of opposites attract, but it works!

    1. Author

      I’m happy things are working for you.

  3. I am definitely an extrovert. I hate letting conflicts bottle up because then they sometimes never get resolved. This year, however, I lived abroad in Spain. I needed more alone time there, just to process all the cultural differences and take a break from speaking my second language, than I ever have needed in my life.

    1. Author

      It is better to try to resolve them quickly so resentment doesn’t set in. There is a tool I teach couples on how to empty their emotional jug to get out the negative emotions in a healthier way.

  4. This was a great read. My husband and I are proof opposites do attract. He is an extrovert and I am introverted. It can be tough at times but I think you are right we often do compliment each other’s personalities. If it were not for him I likely would never leave the house. 😉

    Thank you,
    The Momnipresent Mother

    1. Author

      Thank you for you comments

  5. Those are very helpful tips for improving and maintaining a relationship. I am sure many couples will benefit from Living Works Official.

  6. Love the “fully seen and understood” bullet point. My husband and I attended a meeting as part of a parent group we are in on marriage and this was a big topic. Marriage counseling and education is so important, whether you are newlyweds, married 5 years, or married 20!

  7. Wow! Love this article. I’m definitely the introvert and my husband is the extravert. 🙂 Your services sound AMAZING!

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