Benefits Of A Workplace Chaplain

Chaplains are common in the military, hospitals, prisons, fire and police departments, and universities. They also serve in the U.S. Senate, Congress and professional athletic teams. So why not at your place of business?

Workplace Chaplains are on the rise because employers are recognizing the importance a Chaplain’s presence can provide their employees. Some places of business have an Employee Assistance Program but a Workplace Chaplain can offer something better.

What Can Living Works Official Do?

  • Workplace Chaplains don’t force a particular religion on anyone, we serve as counselors and confidants.
  • Living Works Official is committed to confidentiality therefore employees don’t have to fear that information shared would be used against them.
  • When a Chaplain is present on a regular basis this gives employees an opportunity to talk about issues when they first happen, before they have a negative impact.
  • Employees who are hesitant to discuss their personal issues with their boss or the Human Resources department can talk without fear to the Chaplain.

Benefits of Using Living Works

  • Living Works Official is present on a regular basis in the workplace, creating trusting relationships with employees.
  • Living Works Official Chaplains are even available outside of work hours so in an emergency situation an employee has someone familiar to call for hospital visitation, crisis counseling, death, grief and loss.
  • Because of the trusting relationship developed when employees are going through difficult times they are more likely to use workplace chaplains than standard EAP.
  • Most workplaces will never experience a violent act but situations can arise at any moment which have the potential to be traumatizing for an organization. This can leave managers and employees suffering from mild to server forms of PTSD.  Living Works Official can provide face to face support and counseling.


Having a spiritual presence in the workplace is good for business, it provides employees and managers with support and the security in knowing that if they ever need a Chaplain they have one at work.

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  1. I think workplace chaplains are a great idea. Often, people go to work with bottled up stuff from home or even from the office. It can be difficult to talk to co-workers because of gossip and also for fear of management finding out of issues. Chaplains are a great fix for that!

    1. Author

      You are so right Chaplains are needed, thanks

  2. I think this is such a great idea. So many people could benefit from this. Crisis’s can occur at anytime and sometimes work can be hard in the midst of a crisis.

    1. Author

      Thank you Laura.

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